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Global Challenge ExpeditionsThe need to take risks, live on the edge and do crazy stuff comes with the package of being 20 something. 

GCEX is a Christian Youth ministry that taps into the above needs, and  the energy, the natural need of young people to know, explore, and experiment. A vessel or a wine skin is provided for God to fill. This is the opportunity to do the extreme or extraordinary before the dreaded cookie cutter mould to conform and settle down acquires a hold. Crazy, yes, but godly. The inherent travel bug is being exploited. Here a new generation, called by God, is equipped, learns to reflect on what’s really meaningful in life. A time to grow in loving the Lord, being solid, and building character to become leadership material in the Master’s style of servant hood. The learning takes place out in the open and on the go, experientially and far from the institutional lecture hall. They travel around the world and cross borders of about twenty different countries. The Lord is revealed in reality and not in theory. At the core of the entire exercise is the desire to know the Lord, a modern day pilgrimage.
MtSinai - GCX One Year
People from many different occupations take part in these journeys.  Most of them go back into their professions with a new vision.  Others change direction in order to answer the deepest question of their heart:  Who am I and what was I made for?

The first of these journeys took place in 2006, and have grown into three groups travelling in different directions in 2009. Various new initiatives have been born from those first journeys:  “Heartcore” started out with a passion to enable disabled people to travel and share their life stories with others.  Local Jeffreys Bay residents Otto and John had a livelong dream being fullfilled when Janine took them on a life-changing journey which not only made them look over Cape Town, but transcended their own limitations!
Explore Africa embarked on an epic journey, taking public transport from Morokko to Jeffreys Bay!  In this year-long journey they focused on leadership development in Africa.
North-and Southbound journeys are currenty traveling with 40 joung people around the globe as they serve and learn in many different communities.
Every year our Short Term Department sends out more than 100 people on mission trips around the world.

We believe we need to create space for the young, godly and innovative generation to try out new things.  We will guide and support them.  And God will grow them into the kind of leadership the world needs today.  Leaders who will impact society on many different levels.  

Therefore we dare to take up this challenge on the South African educational front.

Visit our website at: www.gcex.org



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