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on Friday, 10 May 2013. Posted in Construction

More than 100 Cubes of Aggregate to be used in Foundations has been donated to us!

With the good news that the completion of the "mass excavations" for the three platforms are fast approaching, we also received some more good news...

G5 Aggregate being deliveredKouga Plant and Civils, who were also contracted to do the civil works at the new Dirk Ellis - Jeffreys Bay plant have to remove more than 100 Cubes of G5 Aggregate from that Volkswagen construction site... Not sure where to store all this construction soil, Kouga Plant made the decision to donate the aggregate towards GLA. In our budget that means we don't now have to go and buy 150 Cubes of aggregate at more than R370.00 per cube,  its already been provide.

We praise the Lord for His provision and thank Kouga Plant and Civils for their generous hearts.

Whats next on our construction program?

1. Temporary access road to our site from Fountains Mall to be constructed.

2. Perimeter Fence to be completed

3. Tenders for the laying of foundations to be made public in next week.

4. Work on the Log Home is progressing well.

How can you get involved?

1. Volunteer your time, resources and expertise

2. Contribute to our 100 Hearts Project. (We are seeking 100 individuals/companies to sponsor R10 000.00 each towards the laying of the foundations. We currently stand at 36 Hearts)

3. Leave a comment below.

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