First Windows Installed

on Monday, 18 May 2015. Posted in Construction

GLA Eco Campus Progress Update

First Windows Installed

The first two classrooms are nearing completion with windows and doors already installed. Progress on the roof is being made, with classrooms 7-12 currently in the process of being covered.

A brand new solar power installation is currently being fitted to the log home. This will be the first building to receive an independent energy source on our development.

At the same time the sport fields have dried out enough after the April rains. We can now continue to finish the preparations for the big grass plant in August.

We are also in the process of finalising details for the municipal water connection. As soon as funding for this is secured we shall start the installation.

Over the past month, we received numerous contributions which lent new momentum to the construction.

The GLA Great Trolley Race together with other fund-raising initiatives by our students, raised a total of R108 000.00

A generous donation of second hand office furniture by First National Bank, that is ideal for school use, was also received to the estimated value of R300 000.00
R9000.00 was refunded by one of our suppliers who mistakenly overcharged us in March.
A R300 000.00 subsidy for our 100% Matric Pass rate in 2014 was received from the Department of Education.

As you know, the construction of the GLA Eco Campus has been a massive faith endeavour for all parents, students and teachers involved. We can truly just say “What a Privilege” to be part of this faith-building process.

We would like to make our immediate needs known and invite you to get behind us in completing the construction of the GLA Eco Campus!

  • A vehicle for the transport of labourers and construction materials.
  • Funding towards an independent, off-the-grid electrical supply for the main school building. This can be done in sections of approximately R100 000.00 with a total of R2.2 million needed for the entire system.
  • For the completion of the sport fields, we need the following:
  • 40 Hours of earth-moving machine hire (R800 per hour includes diesel)
  • Truck to transport grass from a local farmer who will supply us with instant lawns
  • Volunteers to help us lay the grass over a two week period in August
  • Glass bottles that will be used under the cricket pitch
  • Pitch Roller
  • Grass Cutting Mower/Tractor, Weed Eaters, Etc.
  • R7 500.00 per class for the finishing of floors, still 6 classes to be done.
  • R40 000.00 per class for the installation of windows and doors, still 10 classes to be fitted.
  • Electrical fittings, such as cable trays, lights and plugs to the value of R10 000.00 per class.
  • 300m² of paving bricks for storm water gulley.
  • Bathroom fittings, 18 x Toilets, 9 x Water Basins, etc.
  • General tools needed: wheelbarrow, nail gun, impact rill and table saw.

Should you feel led to support us through the donation of materials, services or finances we are able to provide you with an Article 18 A Tax deductible receipt and a BIG thank you!

On request, we will gladly provide a Tax Deductible -  Article 18A Tax Certificate for any South African contribution made towards our cause.

To contribute now, please use the following banking details.
Account Name:  Global Challenge
Account Nr:  9226881986         
Bank:  ABSA
Branch Details:  31 Da Gamma Road, Jeffreys Bay, 6330, South Africa
Branch Code:  334515
Account type:  Savings
SWIFT Code:  ABSAZAJJ  (For International Payments)

NB: To receive your Tax Certificate, please send a proof of payment and full contact details, including your residential address to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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