Mass Excavations Started

on Thursday, 02 May 2013. Posted in Construction

All construction projects have a starting date, ours are 25 April 2013

Kouga Plant and Civil was recently appointed to complete the "mass excavations" in preparation for the digging of foundation trenches and pouring of concrete.

Mass Excavation of PlatformsThe mass excavations will provide the three platforms needed for phase one of the proposed GLA Eco Campus (Take a 3D Tour). Phase one includes 25 classrooms, Offices, Staff room and a multi functional gathering space, as well as initial sport fields and site establishment such as fencing, access roads, etc.

Progress on the first of 10 "Canadian Butt and Pass Log Homes" is being made with the structure reaching "roof height" this week. The log homes will be used for accommodation of students and teachers, with a total capacity of 80 residents once all ten log homes are completed.

First Log HomeThese "log homes" are Eco friendly in design and unique in Africa. The log home being constructed currently, is only the second one of its kind in Africa as far as we know.

For more information on the GLA Eco Campus, or to pledge your support, please contact us.

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