The Next Phase

on Monday, 02 December 2013. Posted in Construction

GLA Eco Campus laid its foundation, literally and figuratively. Literally; our hundred hearts fundraising project provided for the building of all the foundations in the first phase of the overall design, as well as the concrete floors for 16 classrooms.

This was a tremendous stretch when considering that our initial cost estimate for this stage was almost double.
Figuratively strong foundations have been laid into our lives - by testimonies of timely provision, generous giving, daily dependence on Him, hard work and purposeful living - which has encouraged our walks with Christ.

On the way forward our next step is to build the classroom walls up to roof height with bricks that have been donated to us. We carry on in faith, being daily expectant of the Lord’s provision.
The 80+ ton Log house is still a beacon in the landscape and still amazes those passing by on the R102 between Humansdorp and Jeffreys Bay. The finish is looming as roof rafters has been placed, cement chinked, floors leveled and a tender placed for 400m3 of eucalyptus logs for the following 3 log homes.  We stand in faith for the tender.
Please journey with us as we build according to our master Architect‘s design.

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