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Students complete 40km beach walk

Mighty Men complete 40km hikeThey did it again!

Over the weekend of 20 – 22 of February, 10 brave learners, 1 parent as well as one teacher embarked on an adventure not so soon to be forgotten. The “Mighty men” hike along the beach from PE to Gamtoos has become an annual event, in which young men can have a great time together, enjoying God’s creation, as well as learning valuable lessons on how to handle difficult circumstances.


Suffering, although never nice, prepares us for life. Romans 5 speaks about that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope.
We started on Friday afternoon with a short walk from Kini Bay towards PE (around 3 km) where we camped for the night.


The boys were able to play on the rocks and witness a beautiful sunset. Early Saturday morning the journey continued all the way to Van Stadens, via Sea Views, Beach View, Maitlands and Blue Horizon Bay. We arrived just in time before the first heavy rain shower came down. And talking about shower.

Taking a hot shower at Van Stadens after a 18 Km hike along the beach was the most incredible thing. One of the boy’s father, seeing that is rained so much, blessed us by booking us into two bungalows. Another Dad brought us food. What a blessing. 

During the evenings chat we were able to talk about how much God cares for us, and how perfect His timing is.
After a great nights rest, we set out for the last leg of the hike: 15.5 km of sand, some more sand, sand dunes ocean oh and did I mention sand. At the end, we all made it.

Some legs are most probably going to be tired, feet sore, muscles stiff, but our minds are filled with great memories and images of God’s beautiful creation.

All glory to Him who loves us.


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