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mobilereadyWhen we first opened our doors in 2010, we did so with a clear vision of creating innovative learning environments where students can prosper and develop their God given potential.

Over the past few years we have witnessed significant technological developments in the world around us, including in those spheres pertaining to education and learning.

As a school leadership team we have been keeping a close eye on those developments in education. After valuable conversation with various stake holders we have come to the decision to implement E-learning strategies across all grades from January 2018.

During the parents’ evening held in term 2 of this year, most parents and learners have already been informed of the advantages of E-Learning and the method of implementation GLA will follow. I would like to again give a short overview of the process up to date.

2011 - The GLA Board of directors decides that e-learning will form an integral part of our future, and thorough research in this regard is initiated.
2014 - ITSI is identified as a key service provider to innovative South African schools.
2015 - Ruckus Wireless is tasked with designing an Enterprise Wi-Fi solution for the new school buildings.
2016 - The design is approved and R250 000.00 infrastructure is installed by Ruckus and True Technologies.
2017 - Implementation of ITSI’s E-Learning solutions across all subjects and grades for 2018.

In the current phase of implementation, it is important that parents take note of the requirements with regard to E-Learning and how it applies to them and their children. There are definite actions to be taken, and we want to urge you to familiarise yourself with the necessary steps.

1.     Read through and discuss the Device and E-Learning Policy with your child.
2.     Sign and return the Device and E-Learning Policy.
3.     Familiarise yourself with the Device Specifications – It is critical that your child has a mobile device that adheres to the minimum requirements as stipulated in the Device Specifications document.
4.     If your child does not already have a tablet which meets the minimum device requirements, kindly ensure you take the necessary steps to obtain one before school starts in 2018.
5.    Once you have obtained a device, you can download the MiEbooks App, available from Apple I-Tunes, Google Play and Windows Store.
6.    At the start of term 4 -2017, your child will receive an E-Book order form, which must be completed and returned to school with proof of payment. The amount to be paid will depend on your child’s grade and subject choices, but please budget for a payment of around R1500.00.
7.     Once ordered, your child will receive a username and password which will allow access to their e-books via the MiEbooks App.

To further familiarise you with the advantages of the ITSI platform used for E-Learning at GLA from 2018, please visit the following links. ALL DOCUMENTS ALSO AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD FROM
Device Specifications:
Device and E-Learning Policy:

Should you have any questions, kindly contact our E-Learning Champion, Stefan Kleyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 042 293 3053

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