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23 Records Shattered

Gideon-Williams-Long-JumpOn Wednesday, 31 January, GLA's annual Colour Athletics took place.  Although this was a fun-filled event, many records were shattered by some great athletes.  Our student's participation both on and off the field were impeccable. 

Here are a list of the records:

Discus u/17 Lanroe Rens 31.34m
Shotput u/17 Lanroe Rens 11.93m
Long jump u/17 Aidan Roach 5.84m
High jump u/15 Luan Freemantle 1.54m
1500m Gideon Williams 4:41.44

800m u/14 Joshia Kriel 2:23.08
800m u/19 Gideon Williams 2:16.40
200m u/19 Jaco Herbst 0:24.54
100m u/19 Jaco Herbst 0:11.78

Shotput u/14 Mikayla Bester 8.72m
Long jump u/17 Jana Schonken 4.2m
Long jump u/19 Bianca Bredekamp 3.97m
High jump u/14 Adri Bardenhorst 1.36m
High jump u/15 Clara de Beer 1.355m
400m u/14 Adri Bardenhorst 1:14.25
400m u/ 15 Margaret Muller 1:12.03
200m u/15 Margaret Muller 0:28.97
200m u/17 Juané Els 0:29.94
100m u/15 Margaret Muller 0:13.68
100m u/17 Juané Els 0:13.18
Hurdles u/14 Kaylee Shaw-Nell 0:16.66
Hurdles u/15 Clara de Beer 0:16.09
Hurdles u/17 Shana Zunckel 0:18.59

The overal points:
3d Place. Orange = 1550
2nd Place. Yellow = 1614
1st Place. Red!!!

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