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Global Leadership Academy - Staff and Qualifications

Ms. M. McFarlane - Principal

MA in Social Sciences (Cum Laude);
BA in Social Sciences; STD; ACE: ML (Cum Laude)

Mr D. Young - Deputy Principal

Mr S. Kleyn - Deputy Principal
B Ed Technika (Cum Laude)

Ms. T. Strydom

B Ed Hons (Cum Laude)

Mr A.P. Du Plessis
B Com Entrep and Marketing (Cum Laude); B Com Hons

Ms. S. Botes
B Diac; PGCE (Cum Laude)

Ms. M. Fourie
B Com Accounting; Hons; PGCE

Mr J.J. Oosthuizen
B Sc Chemical Engineering (First Class)

Mr T. Schultz
Ba Theology (Cum Laude)

Ms. L. Scott

Ms. J. Taute

B Com Corporate Communication and Tourism

Ms. H. Young
B Dram

Ms. L. Smit
N Dip: Graphic Design and Photography

Ms. S.V. Smith
N Dip: Dram; N H Dip: Advance Performance

Mr A. Bell
B SC; B Ed

Ms. E. Bell

Ms. C. Landman
Bed Psych (Educational Psychology); PGCE

Ms. M. Le Roux
B Sc; B Ed; M Ed(Educational Psych); PGCE

Waldo Uys
Candidate B Ed

Mr R Van der Merwe

B Com (Econ/IT); PGCE

Ms. H. Young
B Dram

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